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Co-op Project

Co-op Project

Do you have a trading idea with a high success rate?

Do you want to turn a winning strategy into a salable product?

NO programming skills? NO commercial website ? No PROBLEM !

We have everything you need to transform your idea into a creative, money-generating product.
Please follow these steps:
  1. Please provide us details of your idea, such as an indicator, a strategy or a scanner. 
    • It must be your own work, no copycats allowed.
  2. We will provide feedback and a quote of our service charge including development, marketing and handling cost.
    • The charge varies depends on complexity of the project.
  3. If an agreement is reached, two parties involved will enter into a Co-op project with binding terms and conditions.
  4. We will develop this product based on your description, and let you test it before publishing.
  5. It's your job to provided detailed product instruction with screenshot. 
    • It'll be great if you can offer Case Studies and video tutorials.
  6. Price of the product will be determined by both parties. We take up to 50% of the sale's price as commission.
  7. We will list this product at Patternsmart.com and promote it via our social networks and RSS feed.
  8. You can sell this product at any website, social network, forum or blog of your choice.
  9. If a purchase is made to you directly, we will activate the product after you send us our commission.  If the product is sold through our site, we will send your portion to your Paypal account.
  10. Our promise to you is to provide products updates, maintenance and technical support. It's your responsibility to answer how to questions from customers.

Please note: we only offer this service for products on NinjaTrader and Thinkorswim.

Please contact us for details: patternsmart@gmail.com


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